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Get A Phoenix Roll-Off Rental

Welcome to Scott Waste Services! The number #1 Phoenix roll-off rental provider. We’re happy to be your reliable and wallet-friendly waste hauler in the area. 

We can handle your waste disposal needs when you upgrade your home, create a beautiful garden, or build a new property. We offer services for waste disposal during home upgrades, garden creation, and new property construction.

What dumpster size are you looking for? We have multiple options, so reserve an ideal choice for your project. If you want to speak to someone, call (602) 438-2243.

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Breaking Down Phoenix Roll-Off Rental Costs

Understanding the fees associated with a roll-off rental is crucial in planning any project. Scott Waste Services offers transparent pricing structures that cater to each client’s unique requirements. Factors influencing roll-off rental costs include:

  • The size of the dumpster.
  • The duration of the rental period.
  • The type of waste you want to dispose of.
  • Location
  • Material weight

Remember, we don’t charge for expedited services or weekend dumpster deliveries. 

One of the critical advantages of choosing Scott Waste Services is our commitment to fair and competitive pricing. Clients can plan projects confidently with flexible packages and transparent pricing, avoiding hidden fees or unexpected costs. 

Our dedication to excellent customers extends beyond the provision of dumpsters. We ensure that clients receive value for their investment in waste management. Please ask one of our personable agents for a free estimate matching your budget.

Our Dumpster Sizes

Scott Waste Services has a range of dumpster sizes perfect for renovating or large-scale construction projects. We have 12 to 40-yard dumpster containers for residential and commercial use. All our dumpsters are capable of handling substantial construction debris. Our range of sizes ensures versatility for all our clients, optimizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

12 yard*

12 yard dumpster

15 yard

20 yard

30 yard

30 yard dumpster

40 yard

40 yard dumpster

*Inert Loads are clean dirt, rock, and concrete, they are eligible for larger weight allowances at no additional cost.

Why Choose Scott Waste Services?

Among many choices for roll-off rental in Phoenix, Scott Waste Services is the top pick for selective clients. Several factors contribute to the company’s stellar reputation in the industry.

Experience and Expertise 

We have years of expertise in providing reliable and efficient roll-off rental services. Our team knows about the unique challenges posed by various projects. Allowing them to offer tailored solutions that exceed client expectations.

Reliability and Punctuality 

We keep strict schedules and prioritize the client’s timeline. We ensure that waste management becomes a seamless and stress-free aspect of any project.

Sustainable Practices 

Our company employs eco-friendly disposal methods and recycles debris whenever possible to reduce the impact on local landfills. This commitment to ecological sustainability aligns with the growing awareness of environmental issues and resonates with clients seeking socially responsible waste management solutions.

Local Phoenix Roll-Off Rental

As a local company rooted in the Phoenix community, Scott Waste Services offers distinct advantages over our competitors. Because of our knowledge of the area, we can navigate logistical challenges efficiently. Our goal is to provide clients with service beyond delivering a roll-off rental.

As a local provider, we can guarantee swift response times and personalized services. We understand local regulations and waste disposal requirements. Choose Scott Waste Services for local roll-off rentals in Phoenix. Get personalized and responsive waste management solutions.

Residential Projects We Can Handle

Homeowners often require efficient and affordable waste management solutions. Scott Waste Services caters to a broad spectrum of residential projects. For home projects, we promise residential clients will find what they need, whether for cleaning, landscaping, or renovating.

Dumpsters for Yard Projects

Are you planning yard work? Using a dumpster to collect tree stumps, yard debris, tree branches, wood, dirt, and rocks can simplify the job.

Ideal Dumpster for Home Improvements

Do you want to build your dream bathroom? Having a place for all the bath demo debris is essential. We recommend ordering our 12 or 15-cubic yard dumpster, depending on the size of your bath. 

Serving Commercial Contractors

Scott Waste Services is a trusted partner for contractors and project managers in the commercial construction and development landscape. We provide large containers that can carry large amounts of construction materials.

Scott Waste Services provides timely deliveries, efficient waste removal, and a commitment to safety. Commercial contractors can focus on their goals while we handle getting rid of the debris.

Customer Oriented and First Class Customer Support

One thing that gets us a five-star rating is our highly professional and friendly customer support staff. They are here to help you find the quickest waste solution and treat you like family.

Furthermore, they’ll hold your hand every step, ensuring swift waste removal. We aim to provide professional services that exceed your expectations. 

Best Roll-Off Rental Rate in Phoenix

Fun fact: 99% of the time, our customers don’t call around for prices because we offer reasonable rates. Whether you need multiple cans, several collections, or a one-off service, we create a flat-rate fee that fits your budget.

Don’t stress over uncollected debris for another minute; call us, and an exceptional team will respond immediately. 

Best Phoenix Roll-Off Rental

Our company is the top choice for renting dumpsters in Phoenix. We offer clear prices and a variety of sizes to choose from. Additionally, we support local communities and prioritize environmental safety.

No matter the size of the project, we can help homeowners and commercial contractors manage waste. Choose reliability and efficiency—choose Scott Waste Services for your Phoenix roll-off rental requirements.

Our Process

Service Areas

Our dumpster service area includes but is not limited to, the following cities in Maricopa County. If your city is not listed, please call our customer service to see if we can service your area.


Dumpsters for Contractors

Our roll-off containers will help contractors maintain a safe, clean and organized job site. We can help streamline any debris removal project with reliable service and competitive contractor rates for dumpster rental in Phoenix and surrounding areas. We offer small to large sized dumpsters for jobs that have limited space constraints as well as our larger 20, 30 and 40 yard commercial sized dumpsters for larger construction type projects. Call us at (602) 438-2243.

Scott’s Waste offers our Contractors:

Rolling discounts to repeat contractor customers
Extended rental times and grace periods
Timely delivery and pickup of containers
Invoiced billing after credit application approval

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Residential Dumpsters

We serve Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler and surrounding Arizona cities with top-notch dumpster service. We have 4 dumpster sizes available to rent – 12, 15, 20 and 30 yard roll off containers. Whether you need a single 12 yard dumpster for a small garage cleanout or our 30 yard dumpster for your home renovation project, our team will help you determine the correct size dumpster for your dumpster rental in Phoenix.

Our residential dumpsters are great for:

home clean-outs
furniture and appliance removal
home renovation, additions
or any other cleanup project you may have.